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Royals Lose in Extras, Suffer Sweep in Baltimore

Different details, another loss.

  • The Royals started the season well by playing very well in one-run and extra-inning games. In recent weeks we've seen that come back to earth a little, and today's game illustrated both.
  • The Royals still have the bullpen to handle an extra inning game, but the offense isn't always up to the task. The Royals were actually well-positioned today, as Francis went 6.0 IP, and both Holland and Crow pitched two innings apiece. Yost mysteriously went with one of his worst relievers, Blake Wood, with the game on the line, but the team survived it.
  • Not a great game for The Hos today, who went 0-6.
  • Today was a special day for us all, as Alcides Escobar was finally pulled from the lineup. Prior to today's rare Aviles start at SS, Escobar had played a stunning 432 out of 438 innings. That's 98.6%.That's almost a Francoeur like dedication.