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Sean O`Sullivan Has His Vin Mazzaro Moment as Royals Fall to Rangers

The long baseball season has a way of making every worst case scenario come true, eventually. We all knew heading into this season that the Royals had almost nothing, literally almost nothing, by way of starting pitching, and that no matter how good the bullpen was and how improved the offense might be, it was going to be hard to survive the daily grind with no good or long or both starts ever. And that has more or less happened in the last month.

Tonight the Royals were coming off of back to back extra inning contests, and what has felt like a month long stretch of four and five reliever outings. Day after day. Night after night. They needed innings and they needed a good start, when they handed the ball to Sean O`Sullivan tonight in Texas.

They got the innings, almost. They certainly didn't get the good performance.

A worrying sign for 2012 is that it is increasingly evident that the Royals have nearly an entire rotation to build from scratch. I don't see it.