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Athletics Hate Mothers, Ruin Mother's Day with 5-2 Victory

The Athletics turned a perfectly good Mother's Day and ruined it with a 5-2 win over the Royals. And they haven't even settled down and met a nice girl, let alone produce a grandchild, and would it kill them to call now and then? Even the Twins manage to call now and then and they just got a promotion at that big law firm.

The Royals had some momentum going into this series, but despite being in every game of this series, they managed to drop two of three to Oakland.  They were scrappy, hard-fought games, but not even the magic of Hosmer could propel them to victory. Clearly, it was a series they badly missed the grit and moxie of Jason Kendall.

Eric Hosmer managed to give us the first electrifying moment of his career, burning a hole through the right-field wall after smashing a double, his first extra-base hit  and RBI in the big leagues. The Royals are expected to put a plaque where the ball landed.

Our leadoff hitter - Chris Getz - has an OBA of .309. Our number two hitter - Melky Cabrera, has an OBA of .317. Just thought you should know.

Jeff Francis looked like he might not escape the first inning, but managed to settle down and produce a QUALITY START (cue Ryan Lefebvre rant). It was the kind of gutsy, gritty veteran performance we signed him for.

Blake Wood continued to draw the ire of Royals Reviewers, although I'm not sure why, his numbers overall are rather cromulent.

Well this series just proved that good pitching beats good hitting. Or that the Royals aren't really good hitters. You decide.

Next up - Hosmer brings his act to the bright lights of New York. If he can make it there, well, he can make it anywhere.