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Royals Trade Gregor Blanco to Washington

The Royals have traded AAA centerfielder Gregor Blanco to the Washington Nationals. In an interesting twist, the Royals will receive a player to be named later. Not, say, "future considerations" or "cash considerations."

Blanco came to the Royals last season as part of the Farnsworth-Collins trade. I've always kinda liked Blanco as a cheap option in center, given that he plays decent defense and does what he can to get on base. He has Juan Pierre like power and isn't a high batting average guy either, but he somehow has posted a .358 OBP in 836 Major League PAs. Melky Cabrera, by comparison, is at .327.

However, despite the Braves pedigree and the fact that he was recently acquired, it became obvious this winter that Blanco had no future with the Royals. He essentially lost the CF job to Melky for no apparent reason, and wasn't preferred to Dyson or even Mitch as the 4th OF/PR guy. Oh, and now Cain is hanging around, waiting to have his existence justified.

So Blanco moves on. He played 49 games for the 2010 Royals as the team played out the schedule. In five years, not a soul in Kansas City will remember him.