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Royals Beat Angels, Take Series on Billy Butler Walk-Off HR

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Billy Butler hit a game-winning (hate the term walk-off) homer today, leading the Royals over the Angels in their bizarre late afternoon tilt. It's like we were just talking about this guy. Actually, we were.

Jeff wrote about Butler's offensive peak this morning, and yesterday JKWard offered a wider reflection on Butler's game. The fact is, as fans, while we can talk about Butler's batting average skills and double all we want, but at some emotional level, he's a heavy-set DH and we want to see more home runs. And soon. Although Butler's still young, he's almost like a mini-version LeBron James, yes, he's young, but he's also been around for awhile. So deliver. And today he did.

Prior to Butler's blast, the story of the day was the combined pitching of Paulino and Holland. No one really thought much of Paulino at all when he was acquired by the Royals, but he's yet to allow a run in his two American League appearances. Makes sense, because a guy who had an ERA over 5.00 as a short-innings reliver in the Ntaional League should just naturally be effective in a more difficult role in the other league. Holland, well there's more interest in him, as he's been blessed with the graces of the Best Farm System Ever for long enough that people can be excited, and in striking out six in 2.2 innings, that was vindicated.

For now, the only pressing question out of the 'pen remains the issue of when exactly Tim Collins will go to the DL. Happy times are here again.