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Kansas City Royals Top Prospect Mike Moustakas Makes Major League Debut

Mike Moustakas made his Major League debut Friday night, recording his first career hit on a single in the 6th inning. Moose also walked, which was nice to see, given his reputation as a free swinger of sorts. The second overall pick in the 2007 draft, Moustakas has been considered one of baseball's top prospects. Today, he's officially a rookie.

More importantly, the Royals won the game, beating the Angels 4-2.

Actually, that's really less important, at least to me, at least at this point. It's nice to see this modest two game winning streak, but I've been personally divested of the wins and losses for the last few weeks. This is, I'm guessing, something that many of you can also relate to.

Joakim Soria worked a scoreless 9th, striking out two. Both strikeouts were swinging. It's like its 2009 again!