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Mike Moustakas Hits First Career Major League Home Run, Yet Royals Fall to Angels

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It doesn't matter if the Royals win or lose, but how Mike Moustakas plays the game. Tonight, Moose blasted his first career big league homer and drew another walk. After consecutive 1-3s, Moose is... you guessed it, a lifetime .333 hitter.

Meanwhile, fellow phenom Eric Hosmer struggled, going 0-5. Hosmer's Ofer in the middle of an otherwise active and productive lineup spelled doom for the Royals. Sadly, a rare productive night for Alcides Escobar aplate was wasted as the Angels Angeled their way to seven runs.

Man, a lineup with Butler, Hosmer & Moose... it almost looks... dangerous.

The bubble of Felipe Paulino burst a little bit tonight, but I don't think any of us cared anyway.