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Mitch Maier Writes Home from Baseball Summer Camp

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

June 12, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad,

Oh my gosh i am so excited right now! So excited. I was going to right home last night and I was all mad and stuff, but I'm glad I didn't. Coach let me play a hole game 2day. I got to play in the field and hit many times. In the second inning today, I ended up scoring a run myself, and everyone was really happy and nice to me afterwerds. We pretty much won the game after that real easy. It felt good. I made some good plays in the outfield too. I walked twice, but Coach talked to me after the game and said it was ok. He just doesn't want us to be afraid and I understand him.

It was suuuuuuuper fun this hole weekend. We were in LA somewheres and you wouldn't believe how many people were in the stands!

O I forgot to tell you that I also got to play on Thursday. It was a day game and someone was tired, so maybe that was why. I was just happy and tried to slide as many times as possible to show I was tough. I slide across the limoleum in the bathroom of the lockerroom to show I was ready. The guys liked it. Most of them are really nice dudes. i hope I am not two tired after playing so much, but I bet I won't be. If I am I will just not swim so much at the hotel  pools ery night.

So now we are going to somewhers else in Calofornia. I am not as scarid when I am on the planes anymore, but I still don't like it. Some of the other players have teased me and I just wished you could be there to help me. But it is really ok now. It is good. I don't really know what I will be doing when we get to the next place. There is this knew guy here that seems super cool. They all call him The Moose :) haha isn't that funny. We all have nicknames 4 eachother. But I don't. But I know it is going to. Sometimes they dont remember I am here. But I know some remember. I hope Jered comes back. We did alot together.

I know it is bad to be sad, so I won't be. I can't believe how long it has been since I was back home. When you mailed me those snacks from home it was real cool. Someone stole most of them and 8 them, but I was able to have one or two cookies before and I was happy.

Today was such a fun day tho. After the game, this really nice guy named Jeff was talkin to me for a long time. I think he is nice. He said he will help me learn to play better.