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The Royals Review 1985 DVD Father's Day Fanpost Contest

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Sitting in my living room are three copies of the 1985 World Series Collectors Edition DVD set. They are still wrapped up in plastic, mind you, so you can re-gift and they look incredible. When I opened the package it was one of those rare moments when my wife was interested in RR stuff. Each game is included in the set, in her entirety. There are also the usual bonus features: the Royals highlight video, the clubhouse celebration, etc. Given that, as mentioned yesterday, almost nothing related to MLB is on Youtube, this is a pretty incredible treasure trove. Not a bad Father's Day gift, either.

Royals Review will be giving away three copies of the 1985 World Series DVD set with a Father's Day Fanpost Contest

  • Now, because I was a little late getting this up, the deadline for the contest is 11: 59 PM EST on Wednesday June 22nd. Its part of the general time period of Father's Day, but I'm giving y'all a few extra days.
  • To enter, post a brilliantly constructed fanpost on the topic of: "What Dayton Moore Should Do Between Now and Opening Day 2012." Begin the title of your fanpost with "1985 DVD Contest" so I can easily find them.
  • I will choose the finalists, and the winners will be selected by community vote here at RR.
  • Since I am the gatekeeper at the initial stage, I will tell you what I am looking for: interesting ideas and good blogs on the given topic. What the GM should do is at the heart of what thought-provoking baseball chatter about our team (or any team) is often about. Good, well-reasoned arguments and solid, realistic ideas are welcome. If you want to go in a different direction, something whimsical, something bold, well, if you read this site you know that sometimes we go there as well.
  • After the deadline passes, I will go through the submissions, post the finalists, and we will go on to the next stage of this delightful contest.

More information on the 1985 DVD set after the jump:

The Kansas City Royals: 1985 World Series Collector's Edition DVD Set

The 1985 World Series championship was the crowning moment for the Kansas City Royals franchise. In the nine years from 1976 to 1984, the Royals made the postseason six times, but each time they were thwarted. Then in 1985, the club overcame a late season deficit to win the American League West Division, rallied from a 3-games-to-1 deficit to defeat Toronto in the ALCS, and capped the delirious ride with a World Series history-making victory over the rival St. Louis Cardinals. Managed by the even-keeled Dick Howser and led by veteran stars George Brett, Frank White, Dan Quisenberry, and Willie Wilson, the Royals persevered and conquered their cross-state opponents behind the precocious pitching of young superstar Bret Saberhagen.

The seven games in this remarkable DVD collection showcase the rollercoaster of intra-state emotions as the Cardinals flew out to grab three quick wins in the first four games, only to have the Royals capture the final three games in oh-so-dramatic fashion. For the first time ever on DVD, the Major League Baseball Productions Film and Video Archive has opened to reveal these remarkable games that capture the beauty of mid-1980s Royals Stadium, a roster of all-time Royals stars, and a battle of players, managers, and intra-state cities that delighted a nation.

You can purchase the DVD here.