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A Grown Man Named "Skip" Homers to Defeat Royals

"Skip" is usually a nickname bestowed upon a  young boy, generally a child with a sunny disposition - one with a "skip" in his step, one might say. For one Jared Michael Schumaker, this was the case. But while most boys outgrow such childish nicknames and go by an adult name, Schumaker went against the fray. Already earning a salary playing a child's game, he decided to continue going by a child's name. And in the bottom of the ninth this afternoon against the Royals, Skip Schumaker launched a walk-off home run off Royals reliever Tim Collins - the first he had ever hit against a lefty in 390 plate appearances, to give the Cardinals the series win.

But what most Cardinals fans may remember most from this game is not Skippy's two RBI after entering the game as a pinch-hitter, but Albert Pujols leaving the game with a wrist injury after a collision with Wilson Betimet. It was a play that no doubt horrified Stephen Colbert. The extent of the injury is not yet known.

Also leaving the game early was Royals starter Danny Duffy, who left in the fourth with cramps in his calf. He labored, throwing 90 pitches in 3 2/3 innings. Duffy seems similar to Davies in that he nibbles and works high pitch counts, except Duffy tends to strike guys out and not give up oodles of hits. Duffy struck out nine Cardinals hitters, becoming the first Royals pitcher to strike out nine in less than five innings of work.

Other notes:

Alcidies is officially "on-fire", now displaying some of that power we got glimpses of in the warm, thin Arizona air, tying the game in the ninth with a solo home run. He is now 22 of his last 43. If he were to keep that up the rest of the year, he'd become the first Royals shortstop ever to hit .450 over a full season.

Billy Butler continued his hilariously contrived "consecutive series with a hit streak" that I'm not completely convinced is a real thing people keep track of.

Ned Yost got a bit National League-crazy with the small ball, going with a squeeze bunt in the sixth that netted a run, then went mad with hubris running the Royals into an out with a double steal.

Tony LaRussa sent the Royals a clear message having his pitchers throw at Alex Gordon after Albert Pujols was plunked by rookie Louis Coleman. Coleman's errant pitch was an obvious intentional plunking stemming from the long-simmering feud between Pujols and Coleman that goes all the way back to Pujols' rookie year when Coleman was a freshman in high school. LaRussa plays the victim card well, and that's why he'll be going to Cooperstown.

Apparently there is a team called the "Diamondbacks" that plays Major League Baseball and they are next on the schedule. Have you heard of them before?