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For a Night it's the Same Old Royals, the Same Old Twins

The Twins may be enduring a disastrous season, but they can still make the Royals look awful. Or, more properly, the Royals can make themselves look awful.

The Mike Aviles lynch mob is sharpening their spears tonight, after a key error further fueled a Twins rally. Still, the earned run/unearned split (3/7) overstates the issue. Sean O`Sullivan was again ineffective, allowing 8 hits and 2 BBs in 2.2 innings. He's now fully established that he cannot contribute to the team at the Major League level, at least not as a starter.

Nate Adcock's odd season continues. He's up, he's down. Today was an up night, with Adcock throwing a decent 4.1 innings in relief. Is it wrong to wonder if there's really much difference between Adcock and SOS? They're both at the mercy of the other team's hitters, and for now, Adcock looks capable. Pitching wise, the night was capped with a scoreless two-inning performance from Soria. I'll be clear, I do not understand the current plan of pitching him in longer outings. It seems like a completely arbitrary decision simply to do something different. However, this is baseball, and "shaking things up" by altering a detail is advanced and cherished thinking.

Francoeur cultists: he had a good game!