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What Royals Might Be Traded At The Trade Deadline?

With the season closing in on it's halfway point, the Royals find themselves in a familiar position: last place in the AL Central. While the Royals are only 8.5 games back, the odds they make the playoffs this season are very low. With the trade deadline coming up, the Royals have decisions to make on a number of players. Jeff Francouer, Melky Cabrera, Matt Treanor, Jeff Francis and Wilson Betemit may be playing in new uniforms the next month, and MLB Trade Rumors suggested that the Royals may try to move Jason Kendall, Kyle Davies and Bruce Chen as well (although I can't picture a market for any of them, except Chen. Maybe.) Teams will also presumably call about Joakim Soria, Billy Butler and Alex Gordon, although those three would be much more expensive to acquire and are much less likely to be moved. With the Royals games slowly becoming more meaningless, I thought it would be a good exercise to try and predict what guys are likely to be moved, and what would be a "fair" trade.

In the next couple of weeks, I will look at trades from past seasons, and use Victor Wang's research on how valuable prospects are to determine what the Royals can expect in return if they decide to trade each player. I also will look at what teams might be interested in our players, and the odds that they will actually be traded. I hope to have a post up about Jeff Francis up later today. In the meantime, I am curious to hear what everyone else thinks. Who do you expected to be moved in the coming month? Who do you want to be traded but don't think they will, or who do you want to keep who you think will be moved? Sound off in the comments, and let me know if there is anything else I should factor in when attempting to gauge what the Royals can expect in return.