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Luke Hochevar Struggles Late, Gordon Only Offensive Player to Show Up, Royals Lose 7-2

Quick Hits:

  1. Royals managed only 6 hits, 3 were from Gordon who was only a single away from hitting for the cycle.
  2. I am done thinking Luke can be anything more than a 4th or 5th starter. His stuff is not good enough to get batters out as the game goes on. I think batters are just able to figure him out after seeing him pitch once to them. Dayton is going to have to make some hard choices coming up because he doesn't have one legitimate and proven #1 to #3 on the staff or in the minors. A person could argue that there is not even a decent #4. The complete lack of starting pitching makes look like a chance at 0.500 next year is completely out of the question.

In case the rant wasn't negative enough, here are Luke's numbers as the game goes on.

Career (vs. OPS)

4th Inning: 0.769

5th Inning: 0.777

6th Inning: 0.888

7th Inning: 0.945

Career (times through lineup):

1st: 0.712

2nd 0.819

3rd 0.843

But this is 2011 when he is supposed to the be the Ace of the staff and he struggles through problems. Well, he has been pretty bad this year:

2011 (vs. OPS)

4th Inning: 0.965

5th Inning: 0.677

6th Inning: 0.985

7th Inning: 1.034

2011 (times through lineup):

1st: 0.579

2nd: 0.874

3rd: 0.881