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Well, Then. Royals Swept by Diamondbacks

So yea. This team is looking miserable again. Well, then.

A bizarre start from Felipe Paulino tonight, one that captures writ small the problems with evaluating pitcher performance. From an old-school perspective, he was bad tonight. He took the L, he allowed two homers, got rocked for nine hits and allowed five runs. He had the Royals behind early and they never came back. On the other hand, he struck out eight and walked just one, which is something to be excited about. I've been pessimistic about Paulino and just my general negative self, but I'm starting to come around. The 8 K/1 BB thing will get me every time. Hochevar or Bruce Chen allowing one run in a start in which they strike out no one... not so much.

Current triple slashes of note and or interest:


  • Eric Hosmer: .268/.316/.413
  • Jeff Francoeur: .257/.304/.430
  • Matt TREANOR: .214/.357/.307
  • Alex Gordon: .287/.355/.480
  • Alcides Escobar: .249/.285/.313