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Royals Turning Losing into a Habit

Well, the cliche is that bad teams find ways to lose. I don't know if that''s true, or simply a truism. If you lose a lot of games, you'll end up losing in variety. Anyway, something of a game like that for the Royals tonight, who are now 31-44. Trust the process.

  • Three outfield assists tonight, which appears to be the strength of the team. Francoeur nabbed a runner (I'm starting to loathe the nickname "Frenchy" and since I've finally learned how to spell Francoeur, screw it) and Gordon claimed two. Ha. Take that ye Francoeur cultists!
  • Bruce Chen was utterly Bruce Chen. Dealing with the hits as they fell, throwing in occasional strikeouts. More or less surviving.
  • Blake Wood allowed four hits. He wasn't credited with allowing runs, but let the record reflect he was hit around.
  • St. Getz had an error. Somehow I doubt the wailing and hair pulling was commiserate with an Aviles blunder. 
  • I'm meh on sending Crow out again for the 9th. I do think Ned's occasional willingness to use relievers for multiple innings is a good thing. However, if we was reluctant to use Soria because it wasn't a save situation - well, that's flawed thinking. On the other hand, do we know how good Soria even is?
  • So... was the crowd dominated by Cubs fans?