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Royals Win 6-3, Yost Finally Pulls Hochevar Before He Implodes

Quick Hits

  • Only 5.2 innings for Luke today on 88 pitches. Has management finally figured out that Luke is done around the 6th inning?
  • Moose (0.333 OBP/0.300 SLG) is hitting like Chris Getz (0.328 OBP/0.302 SLG). Moose is also the only Royal not to get a hit today.
  • Frenchy gets his first 2 CS of the season. He is still 3rd on the team with 11 steals
  • The bullpen pitched a nice 3.1 innings, 6K, 1BB, 1H, 0 runs.
  • Gordon out on a steal of home. He was safe. Ump blew the call