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Somehow Seven Total Runs Were Scored, but Royals Fall in San Diego

Sometimes a game happens and, despite the fact that you watched the whole thing, the memory of its actual events cannot be summoned forth to form a cohesive narrative of what transpired. An inning passes and there is the vague recollection of a two-run homer from the opposition. Five more pass and thoughts wander to what $11 might yield you at Taco Bell. Then you remember that a game is on and that you've actually been watching it.

Or have you? 

The seventh inning hits and somehow the Royals are down only a run, 4 -3, but the Brayan Pena double plating Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur couldn't have happened tonight. No, that was last week, wasn't it? The box score says Jeff Francis pitched, but it can't have been a memorable outing because there were an ordinary four runs scored off of him. A two-error inning could have happened in theory, but that comes as much from the fact that it could happen any time. 

An opposing runner was gunned down at the plate on a play to left field, but we've all seen that play this year. 

With one down in the top of the ninth in a one-run game, Ned Yost inexplicably elects to pinch-hit Jarrod Dyson for the pitcher-spot in the order when Wilson Betemit sits on the bench with a much more potent bat. After Dyson flails at pitches, two runners get on only to be stranded by Hosmer while heads are still being scratched regarding the Dyson pinch-hit from four batters earlier. 

Or did Ned Yost give the game away yesterday?