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What Has Paulino Done Differently as a Royal to be Decent?

Since Felipe Paulino has joined the Royals, he seems to have turned his career around. Here is a look at how he has differently.

  • Stopped Walking Batters: Over his MLB career, Felipe averaged 3.70 BB/9. Since going the Royals, the value is down to 2.31 BB/9.
  • Keeping The Ball in the Park: Over his career, he allowed near the league average of HR/FB of 11.4. Since joining the Royals, the value is down to 6.5%. Kaufman Stadium is there to suppress home runs (unless your name is Chen, Sullivan or Davies).
  • BABIP is Down: His career BABIP is 0.337. He seems to have finally gotten a little luck/regression on his side with a 0.273 value with the Royals. It was at 0.455 with the Rockies.
  • More Ground Balls. He allowed nearly 45% over his career, but is near 50% for 2011 (Royals and Rockies).
  • Mixing Up His Pitches: Since he has joined the Royals, it is the first time in his career that he has thrown his fastball under 50% of the time (58% career value vs 47% with the Royals). He is throwing his slider (34% vs 28%), curve ball (10% vs 9%) and change (9% vs 6%) each more than previously