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Fan Confidence in Ned Yost Draining Away

We all feel like we're cursed with our own bad manager. Skip over to, say, a Blue Jays blog, and you're sure to find complaints about whatever their manager is doing. The fact that I and probably you cannot name the Blue Jays manager only highlights the point. This is a universal way of feeling bad, never mind the contingencies.

Not that the details don't matter, or that the managers aren't all awful, in both their typical and individual ways. Only, how much does it matter? If an Astros fan told you, "our manager is killing us!" would you see any truth in it? Mostly, it is just a question of annoyance. You lose because of the roster, you lose in a particular way because of the manager. Sometimes. It's all very small.

Yet Yost is getting annoying. The Royals are rotten with poor hitters, and Yost seems to love them all. Moore gave Yost a bad and ill-designed roster, Yost said, "awesome, I love it!" The 6-man rotation decision is at once pointless and grating, a non-decision setup as a plan, a plan that probably won't be fully implemented or last more than 10 days. Oh well. Faire Suivre

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