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Royals Lose 4-1, Swept By Padres, Butler's Streak Ends

Quick hits:

  1. The defense let Chen down in the 3rd.  Chen actually got no earned runs this game.
  2. Frenchy with the Golden Sombrero (4 Ks), his second one this team to take the team lead.  I am sure we will see him back in the cleanup spot in the next game.
  3. Coleman was a stud in his two innings not giving up a hit and striking out 4.
  4. The offense just died in the series.  6 total runs scored or 2 per game.  If the offense keeps falling off this cliff, I see very bad things this season.  33 -48 at the half way point.  It is going to be tough not to lose 100 games the way this team is headed.
  5. The world's stupidest streak ends.  RIP.