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Royals Kind of Tired of Playing Baseball - Finish Being Swept by Last Place Twins

With all the energy of a deflated balloon, the Royals completed their four game series with the Twins the same way it began - with a listless loss to a decimated and not very good Twins club. With a lineup featuring zero players with an OPS north of .750, the Twins still managed three first inning runs - all unearned - off Jeff Francis in typical Francis fashion. After that, you may as well have caught Stargate reruns on another channel because absolutely nothing happened. Well, Billy Butler reached base all four times at bat, but no one else could be bothered to do anything offensively.

Dear lord, I'm bored just writing this.

This is usually the time when managers start doing crazy things in a vain attempt to "right the ship" so look forward to Alcides Escobar leading off or Billy Butler bunting or Alex Gordon sacrificing a live chicken.

I don't know if you noticed this but Mike Aviles is really into suck territory both offensively and defensively.

Jesse Chavez is still Jesse Chavez.

I predict Jose Bautista hits eleventy billion home runs this week.

Well at least the awesome drafting powers of Dayton Moore will keep our minds off the crappy team for at least a week. 2015 is so close.