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Eric Hosmer Confirms that He is The Son of God, Leads Royals to Victory over Jays in 11

Hometown boy and new Royal (hopefully) Bubba Starling got to see a glimpse of what his future may hold. No, not an incredibly boring extra inning game ending with a 3 - 2 score.

No, he'll get to play with the Son of God, Eric Hosmer, who drove in the game-knotting run with a bases loaded walk in the bottom of the seventh inning and had a game-winning single with the bags full once again. Keeping his hit streak intact at eight games, Hosmer was especially Christ-y when the umpire crew called Toronto's first base-runner, Yunel Escobar safe at first, incorrectly ruling that the Messiah had been pulled off the bag when the camera clearly showed Hosmer dragging his foot across the bag, ball in glove. 

Felipe Paulino, mere weeks from being tossed onto the scrap heap by the Colorado Rockies, pitched well once again, making his case for being the Bruce Chen of 2011. His first run was unearned and should not have existed in the first place. Hosmer is currently imploring His Father, Our Lord In Heaven, to strike Yunel Escobar's run from the history books, but God may have bigger fish to fry. In 6.2 innings, Paulino allowed two runs, one earned, on three hits and three walks while sending down four via the strikeout. His ERA as a Royal sky-rocketed to a whopping 0.56.

Bubba, someday you can be one of Hosmer's disciples if you play your cards right.