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Royals Go High-School Heavy Early at the 2011 MLB Draft

With the Royals, expect the unexpected. Nobody saw the Royals going college-heavy last season, but that's precisely what the Royals did. This year, quite a few saw them going that route, and even as the Royals took Bubba Starling in the first round, there was some speculation that was a byproduct of preferred college arms being taken first. Maybe, maybe not. On Day Two however, the Royals went high-school heavy. Zig, zag.

The Royals took HS players with their first five picks, and went halfway there in round six, taking Cesar Ogando out of Caribbean University. Ogando is roughly the same age as most HS draft picks. The first traditional college player taken by the Royals was Kellen Moen, a RHP taken at pick 216 out of Oregon. While the Royals did bulk up on college picks later on the first day, the emphasis of this draft, if you weight the earlier picks more, was on high school talent.

  • High School picks: 13
  • Juco picks: 5
  • College picks: 12

Again, it's dangerous to read too much into this. As the cliches go, they followed their board, and a few minor changes in the draft here or there could have flipped a number of those top ten picks around. Picollo intimated that the system is now ready to begin another wave, which may be true or may just be spin or something in between. As always, all we can do is watch and talk.