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Royals Late Game Comeback Not Enough, Lose 9-8

Quick Hits:

  1. Duffy was not good (umpire had a pretty small zone).  4IP, 8 H, 4 BB, 1K.
  2. Butler hit his 5th HR of the season.  He now has as many home runs as Hosmer and Aviles.
  3. Everyone got on base tonight except Betemit.
  4. Yost not subbing players is driving me nuts. You are behind in the 9th. Down 2 runs. Do you let the guy hitting 0.209 with a 0.241 OBP bat? If you are Ned Yost you do. Maier and Treanor are both on the bench which could be a huge improvement. This move proves that Ned is a $@#% idiot (like most managers).