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2011 MLB Draft Day 3 Wrap-Up for the Royals

The first-player draft came to a conclusion Wednesday, ending with rounds 30-50. These rounds have always fascinated me. Many of the younger kids who are drafted will not sign and go to college in an attempt to improve their draft status. Many of the older guys will sign quickly to fulfill their dream of playing pro-ball, but most of their careers will be very short. While there are occasionally good players to come out of these rounds, you will probably never read or think about these late-round kids again, especially the college ones. Still, it's an honor to get drafted, and I hope all of these kids are proud of this accomplishment and the work it takes.

Round 30: Mark Binford  6'6" 208 12/20/92 RHP Mercersburg Academy GA

Binford is committed to UVA, and it looks like it will be difficult to get him to decommit from the Cavaliers. The big righty has been clocked in the low 90's, and struck out more than one batter per inning in high school

Round 31: - Chris Serritella 6'3" 205 lbs 02/21/90 1B Southern Illinois University

Serritella did not play this year because of a broken wrist, and would be a redshirt junior if he decided to return to the Salukis. He hit .374 with 13 HR last year

Round 32 - Nick Piscotty 6'3" 185 lbs 03/18/93 RHP Amador Valley HS (CA)

Piscotty also plays third base, and is currently committed to Duke University. He is tall and lean, and has a clean but slow delivery. He throws a fastball, an 11/5 curveball, and apparently is working on a changeup.


Round 33 - Abel Gonzales 6'1' 185 lbs 12/30/87 RHP Rice

In 74 innings pitched this season, Gonzales had a 2.91 ERA, with 43 stikeouts and 20 walks.

Round 34 - Ali Williams 6'2" 185 lbs 07/08/89 RHP Charleston Southern

Williams was mostly used as a reliever for Charleston Southern, accumulating a 5.53 ERA in 42.1 innings. He struck out 45 batters and walked 21.

Round 35 - Gabriel Gray 6'1" 190 lbs 08/26/93 OF Hazelhurst HS (MS)

Gray is a talented football and baseball player, and is currently committed to play at Alcorn State in spite of  receiving offers from Mississippi State and Southern Miss (allegedly because of grade issues, but I couldn't find a reliable source confirming that). He is very raw but very athletic.

Round 36 - Christian Witt 6'4" 245 lbs 10/11/88 RHP Truman State

A local kid that is sure to put fans in the seats. Witt had a 2.73 ERA in 36.2 innings, striking out 43 batters and issuing ten walks

Round 37 - Matt Wessinger 6'0" 185 lbs 09/20/90 2B St John's

The junior  had a .273/.361/.427 triple slash line for the Red Storm this season. His father played for the Braves in 1979, making Wessinger a must-have.

Round 38 - Andrew Durden 6'0" 200 lbs 11/27/88 RHP Nova Souteastern University

Durden was listed as a pitcher, but only pitched three innings this year. He was a successful hitter this season, posting a .365/.436/.721 triple slash and hitting 16 homers.

Round 39 - Garrett Mattlage 5'10" 175 lbs SS West HS (TX)

Mattlage is committed to Texas State, but hit very well his senior season. He posted a .472/.545/.878 line in 35 games played.

Round 40 - Ben Waldrip 6'6" 245 lbs 06/27/90 1B Jacksonville State

Waldrip was drafted by the Braves last season, so he must be good. The junior hit .344/.416/.547 this season for the Gamecocks.

Round 41Travis Lane 6'2" 215 lbs 08/10/90 C Central Arizona College

Baseball America ranked Lane as the 31st best player in Arizona. The catcher had a .364/.478/.564 triple slash line, and threw out 24 of 36 runners who attempted to steal on him.

Round 42 - Joe Hawkins 5'11" 170 lbs 03/10/93 2B Sinclair (Canada)

The Canadian was committed to Texarkana College as of Febuary, but in April Missouri State claimed they signed him. He was also a member of the Canadian National Jr. Team.

Round 43 - Tyler Chism 6'0" 205 lbs 10/06/88 CF Gonzaga

The senior had 201 AB for the Bulldogs, hitting .313/.365/.448.

Round 44 - Andrew Vasquez 6'5" 210 lbs LHP Los Osos HS (CA)

Max Preps rated him as the 54th best player in California this season. The tall southpaw is committed to UC Santa Barbara.

Round 45 -Julio Morales 6'1" 190 lbs 11/22/88 RHP Bethune-Cookman

Morales had a 13.50 ERA in 12 innings this season, and a 8.33 ERA in 31 innings last season. The Royals, however, understand the volatility of small sample sizes and want to give him another chance.

Round 46 - Adrian Bringas 5'10" 185 lbs 07/18/89 3B Cal State-Chico

Bringas hit .372 this season with five home runs, and had a team-record 22 game hitting streak. The Royals plan on moving him to second.

Round 47 - Patrick Corbett 6'4" RHP Tabb HS (VA)

Corbett was Bay Rivers Player of the Year this season, and also played shortstop. He had a .440 BA, .555 OBP, and a 1.33 ERA in 52.3 innings. Corbett is currently committed to Coastal Carolina

Round 48 - Matthew Beaty 6'0" 195 lbs 04/28/93 C Desden HS (TN)

The left-handed hitting catcher hit .619 this year, and  played on the Royals scout team last summer. He is currently commited to Belmont

Round 49 - Adrian Morales 5'10" 190 lbs 11/18/88 3B South Carolina

Morales played second for the Gamecocks this season, and posted a triple slash line of .283/.384/.388.

Round 50 - Kash Kalkowski 6'1" 200 lbs 03/05/89 3B Nebraska

Kawlkoski is only a redshirt sophmore, and has hit .299/.378/.469 for the Cornhuskers this season.