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Since Blowing Up, Soria Has Shutout Opponents, Is He Back?

Since blowing up earlier this month and losing leads in the ninth inning of back to back games, Joakim Soria has been demoted and then re-promoted. The Royals win about two games a week at this point, so the closer role isn't vitally important, though people still care about it.

Here's what Soria has done since losing the Angels game on May 30th: 5 IP, 0 Hs, 0 BBs, 1 K.

The five shutout innings are nice, as are the no hits and no walks allowed. However, from the beginning, we've been talking about Soria's lack of strikeouts, which hasn't gone away as an issue. In his last five innings, Soria is getting swinging strikes on just 2% of his pitches... which, if I'm doing the math right, means he's recorded one swinging strike out of 62, with the number rounded to 2% on the B-R tool I'm using.

Are you confident?