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Royals Destroyed By Rockies, Western Kansas All But Lost

Gotta admit, I missed this one tonight. Was fortunate enough to be sitting in traffic hell somewhere in the Eastern Time Zone. Sounds like the traffic was better.

  • Another unimpressive start by Danny Duffy. Rough year for the phenoms, but keep hope alive. That's all we can do.
  • A patented garbage time appearance for Joakim Soria. Then again, the Royals are in full-blowin "winning one game a week" mode, so maybe it doesn't matter.
  • Not many positives for the offense tonight, who managed only four singles and two walks. Still, those hits were produced by Gordon, Hosmer, Moose and... the suddenly good Alcides Escobar. So more or less the guys we care about.

The Royals are 33-49.