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Information From Baseball Prospectus Event with the Royals

Here are some of the main points I got from the BP event held yesterday at the K:

B.P. Question and Answer (Craig Brown, Kevin Goldstein, Rany Jazayerli and Jeff Euston)

  • Kevin Goldstein's ranked Montgomery #1 now in the system with Odorizzi #2.
  • Perez's bat is not developing.
  • Colon's lack of speed is hurting him while hitting and fielding.
  • Rany thinks Crow will have problems starting because (I hope I get this right) he moves his wrist around way too much when he reaches back and it effects he consistency.

Jin Wong - Bard (sounds like he has knowledge of all aspects of operation, but master of none)

  • Mutual options - Sounds like team loves to aim for team options when discussing contracts with players. If the team option is the one item holding up the negotiations, the team will then make it a mutual option.
  • Royals will be getting Field FX installed after All-Star break.
  • Pitch FX system is installed at NWA.
I remember a couple more from Wong
  • I asked about O'Hara's zone the other night and did the Royals know that it extends out. He said that the Royals cannot use Pitch FX to evaluate umpires and moved on. I think he misunderstood my question. Sorry for f-ing this one up.
  • The reason given for thinking Mazzaro was a good pitcher to trade for in the DeJesus trade was: 1. He had 12 QS in 18 GS 2. He had a decent ERA of 4.27. QS and ERA are how the Royals determine if a pitcher is good.