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Is Bo Jackson's 1989 the Greatest Royals All-Star Moment of All-Time?

Bo Jackson's home run to lead off the bottom of the first inning of the 1989 All-Star game is, as far as I can tell, the most well-remembered moment in Royals All-Star game history. Jackson was at the peak of his fame in 1989, probably one of the five most famous/popular/whatever people in sports. The All-Star game also had more cache in 1989, mostly because it was more unique as a television event (ESPN was established, to be sure, but the level of national baseball available was nothing like it is today) and perhaps in part because the league rivalry had a little more juice.

Jackson's homer to start the game for the AL was a famous person doing something cool at his appointed time to do so. I don't have many specific where-I-was sports memories, but I remember exactly where I was during the first inning of the 1989 ASG: listening to the game on the radio while playing in the backyard as a kid. In and of itself, a solo homer in an exhibition game really isn't that awesome, but like the Ryne Sandberg Game (you probably know what I'm talking about, don't you? Sandberg... a day game in the mid-80s... against the Phillies... yea, he hit two home runs, but because it was 1984 and on NBC with Bob Costas calling it, it became legendary) it felt bigger than it really was.

Are there comparable awesome Royals All-Star moments?

I'm leaning on you guys on this one. What do you say?