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Twins Double Up Royals, 8-4

The Royals are doing their part to keep the Twins' playoff hopes alive. They're rushing down the hall, bringing medicine, offering water, keeping the doctors informed, all of it. So generous and so caring. 


  • Bruce Chen was effective, until he wasn't. I'm getting tired of watching these guys, to be honest. I'm simple, I'm red-blooded, I like pitchers who strike out more batters than they walk.
  • Ned Yost used six pitchers tonight, he must have been inspired by the All-Star game.
  • There's a scenario tonight in which the Royals score many more runs than they actually did. Francoeur (who did have a walk) were holes in the middle of a generally productive lineup tonight, and they ended up lowering the team's chance of winning by about 20%.