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A Kansas City All-Star Week: What are Your Recommendations?

So Kansas City is officially in line to go next now. I believe, the city is, as we say, on deck. 

We've already touched on the matter of pools, swimming, bathing suits, and the HR Derby. What else should be featured?

Themes - to incorporate into the logo, side events, marketing, etc. Basically, we need something to have on a sheet of paper for Joe Buck to kill five minutes talking about during some point in the game.

  • Jazz
  • BBQ
  • The Negro Leagues Connection
  • Stockyards or something?

First Pitch


  • George Brett
  • Others?

  • Those three or four guys who now show up to things for that charity
  • That girl from the office who is kinda from St. Louis
  • Chiefs and or KU and or Mizzou alums
  • Joe Poz

If the Royals are over .500, it'll probably be a great week of PR and bowing before Dayton Moore's genius. That will likely be a media meme, if we can get there.