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Batting Average: Alcides Escobar Closing in on Jeff Francoeur

Watch your back, Francoeur.

On June 6 Alcides Escobar had a .203 batting average. Our beloved Jeff Francoeur was hitting .270 that day, fresh off of an 0-5 that had dropped him from .276. First impressions can last a long time, and Francoeur spent much of April hitting over .300, while Escobar spent much of April and May near .200. June 6 was Escobar's low point however.

Following tonight's game, here are their batting averages:

  • Jeff Francoeur: .263
  • Alcides Escobar: .252

Batting average is a pretty useless stat, but we can't get away from it. At least not yet. Given that neither player walks much, there's little hidden data here, other than Francoeur's obvious power advantage. Make no mistake, Francoeur is a better hitter.

Escobar's climb from .203 to .252 is impressive however, since he had two months of ABs feeding that .203.