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Twins Out-"Ron Polk Point" Royals, Win 4-3

The Twins play the game the right way and of course that earns them high plaudits in the Ron Polk Point System. The Royals scratched ahead with a run in the first (Billy Butler ended the threat by hitting into a double play, one of the reasons he is not as valuable as Chris Getz.) But the Twins tied it in the first, then went ahead for good in the sixth on a three-run home run by Jim Thome, his 596th career home run against the Royals.

Of course, according to Polk, Thome is not that valuable since he doesn't play defense, and the home run itself is only twice as valuable as a sacrifice bunt, but today it was lucky enough to get the win for the Twins. Next time maybe Jim will learn how to move that runner over.

Frenchy says he wants to stay here, but he helped Dayton's chances of moving him by smacking a two-run homer of his own in the seventh to make things interesting. Of course, the Royals want to keep Frenchy more than Melky now.

Paulino, aside from the Thome shot, was pretty effective all game, and Tim Collins gave up the same line he seemingly does every game - 1 IP 1 K 1 BB 1 H.

The Royals are now 16-35 since they last saw .500. Remember when we were all revising our pre-season win predictions because of the hot start? Yea, that was fun.