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Royals Trade Wilson Betemit to Tigers for Two Minor Leaguers

Trader Dayton got the July hot stove going yesterday sending infielder hitter Wilson Betemit to the Detroit Tigers for minor leaguer catcher Julio Rodriguez and pitcher Antonio Cruz. Betemit, a former Brave, had been picked up by the Royals as a minor league free agent last year, but has turned into a pleasant surprise, posting a .297/.378/.511 last year and a .281/.341/.409 this year as a nice stop-gap before the Mike Moustakas-era. He had drawn significant trade interest from the Angels and Brewers, but the Tigers are the big winners here.

Julio Rodriguez is a 21 year old catcher in high A ball Lakeland hitting .283/.325/.354 in 246 PAs with 1 HR and 27 BI. He is pretty much organizational filler, someone for our elite pitching prospects to throw to.

Julio Rodriguez BBref Page

Antonio Cruz is the closest thing to a prospect here. He is 19 years old, pitching in the Midwest League (A ball). He has made the conversion from reliever to starter this year posting a 3.11 ERA in 75.1 innings with 58 strikeouts and 28 walks. The Dominican left-hander has struggled in the past with his command, walking 80 in 151.1 minor league innings. He's 19 years old, he could become anything from a middle of the rotation starter, to a LOOGY, to a guy that washes out in High A ball. Not a terrible lottery ticket for a guy like Betemit.

Antonio Cruz BBRef Page

The trade market gates have swung wide open - will Frenchy walk through?