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Royals Win 2-1 in Extras on Wild Pitch

Guess who?
Guess who?

Quick hits:


  • Moose on a 0-22 streak, but he did foul a ball off Ozzie's face.
  • Chen hit 3 batters, but not one warning from the umpires.
  • Chen pitched an efficient 8 innings.  4 H, 1BB, 4K, 1 HR, 83 pitches.
  • The Royals turned 4 DP in the game.
  • Gordon scored both runs, including the walk off wild pitch.
  • Getz went 3-5, but still no XBH, 35 straight hits.
  • 13 players LOB. Not much clutch hitting tonight.
  • Melky left the game because he dropped a deuce in his pants.