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Johnny Damon Tells MLB Network He Would Prefer to Enter the Hall of Fame as a Royal

Tonight on MLB Network Johnny Damon did a pregame interview with Matt Vasgersian. The interview touched on the end of Damon's career, and if he ever thinks about getting close to the Hall of Fame. Transcribing loosely, the following exchange took place:

Vasgersian: I know you don't get to decide, but if you did, whose cap would you be wearing if you went into the Hall of Fame?

Damon: Well, it's a tough decision... four years in Boston... four years in New York... five and a half years in Kansas City. And if you go by the numbers, that's where my best years were. So if they'd have me... [something along those lines]

I'm sure this will invite some debate about whether or not Damon is or should be a Hall of Famer and probably some will be angry that he didn't give the boring answer of "well, I have to get there first." Fine.

I don't mind Damon actually answering a hypothetical question. And as a Royals fan, I'm glad that he said he would prefer to go in as a Royal. Not what I expected, but then again, maybe it makes sense.