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Royals Roll Right By Rays

This was a game for the hitters tonight, with Luke Hochevar making a bit of noise in the middle of the game. The Royals had 16 hits, to go along with four walks.

The top of the order was especially productive: two hits for Gordon, three for Melky, two for Butler, two for Hosmer, three for Francoeur. There was some drop-off after that (though TREANOR! also reached base three times) but really, it hardly matters when there's that much clustered goodness.

Luke Hochevar was again frustrating, and when he left the game the Royals were clinging to a 5-4 lead with runners on base. The Rays couldn't get the next hit, and the next half inning saw the Royals score three more runs. Oh, and mistake-free Getz nearly ended Escobar's career. Or maybe it was Fuld. I'm not sure. I just want someone to blame.

I can't help thinking how frustrated I would have been tonight if I was a Rays fan... all that talk about how they had survived the tough part of their schedule and now needed to make up ground against weaker teams... and Wade Davis comes out and pitches like a Royal.