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Rays Defeat Royals, Will Still Probably Trade Everyone

The Rays were able to salvage the final game of the series Sunday against the Royals, avoiding the sweep, but in this series both teams got what they wanted - the Royals were able to put together a mini-win streak, and the "kind of in a Wild Card race, kind of out of it" Rays effectively dropped far enough out that they have cover now to do what they really want to do - trade their good players for prospects. Expect B.J. Upton out of town by the end of next week with possibly James Shields joining him.

The Rays, a cutting-edge team, used that "extra 2%" of brilliance to win using a clever secret formula. They got tons of guys on base, drove a few of them home, then didn't allow the Royals to bunch up baserunners. I know their stat nerds probably have some sophisticated formula that justifies that process that I'm not aware of, but let me know if ever looks as cool as a well-executed bunt.

Speaking of bunting, Chris Getz made us all look foolish by having a mistake-free day. He collected two hits, walked, and performed a beautiful fifth inning triple salchow with a double lutz, earning a 5.9 from the Russian judge. Everyone else pretty much sucked, especially Billy Butler who went hitless in four at-bats, leaving five men on base. Lee Judge couldn't be more validated.

Felipe Paulino was seemingly in trouble all day and gave one of his worst starts in a Royals uniform - 5.1 IP 7 H 4 2 BB 6 K- yet if you put "Kyle Davies" in front of his numbers, we'd say "wow, a surprisingly good start for Davies!"

Collins had a walk and a wild pitch in less than an inning of work. This is getting ridiculously predictable.

Well, time to enjoy our last week with a few of our favorite Royals. Jeff Francoeur we hardly knew ye.