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Red Sox Beat Royals; Take Way Too Long to Do It

In a game that took approximately four days, seventeen hours, and twenty-eight minutes to play, the Red Sox finally defeated the Royals in a 13-9 slugfest. And Kyle Davies wasn't even involved!

The scoring started early when four batters into the game, The Hosmer doubled to score Melky. After the Red Sox tied it 2-2 in the bottom of the first, Billy Butler doubled home two more runs in a clear indication he had read Will's piece this afternoon on the decline of scoring in the American League and gave Will a middle finger as a response.

But Danny Duffy just couldn't keep it together and was knocked out in the fourth inning, even after Alex Gordon and Billy Butler crushed home runs to give him a 7-5 lead. So we sent in a Rule 5 pick to try to vulture a win, and when he got battered around in a six-run fifth inning that saw the Red Sox catch every break imaginable, the game was pretty much over. Yet the umpires forced the Royals to play for two more hours.

The highlight of the game was clearly the appearance of MITCH Maier on the mound. MITCH pitched a scoreless ninth, which will give him a really cool story to write home to his parents. The appearance was so impressive, Ned did not immediately dismiss the possibility of going to a seven-man rotation.