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Royals Roll Past Indians, 12-0

We're used to watching these games, just not with the Royals winning.

I was under the impression that Carlos Carrasco was kinda good, although he certainly didn't look it tonight. The Royals scored 7 runs off of the former Philly in 3+ innings, and probably should have had more.

The offensive heroes:

  • Billy Butler: two more home runs, pushing him up to 12 on the season. Possible team leader?
  • Alex Gordon: home run, double. This was the awesome Butler-Gordon lineup core we all imagined in 2007.
  • Melky: grand slam. The cliche is to write, "that'll up his trade value!" But I hate that pat line, because it just isn't true. Any GM dumb enough to change a trade value off of one at bat is also probably thinking, "oh, he hit his grand slam now, not for me!" Gambler's fallacy cuts both ways.
  • Escobar went 3-4, including two doubles, ending a bit of a quiet slump.
  • Francoeur had two hits and a walk.