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Royals Thump Rockies 16-8; Hosmer Rushes for 100 Yards, Melky Scores Two TDs

The Royals salvaged the final game of a three game set with the Rockies with a narrow 16-8 victory on Sunday. The Royals got things going on the game's opening drive with a home run play for Melky Cabrera, who burned Rockies outfielder Seth Smith on a go-route to the end zone. Royals head coach Ned Yost, always the maverick, elected to go for two and it paid off when Eric Hosmer slammed up the middle for the conversion.

Cabrera would add another score in the fourth on a long drive that included contributions from Alcides Escobar and Mike Moustakas and a critical illegal use of the hands penalty on Rockies pitcher Jason Hammel. Yost again elected to go for two, using scrappy second baseman Chris Getz on a trick play that found the end zone.

The Rockies would make things interesting when a defensive lapse by Luke Hochevar - criticized all year for his penchant for giving up big plays - gave up a score to Carlos Gonzalez. But the Royals were able to hold the Rockies at bay with defensive packages showcasing Tim Collins and Louis Coleman, and a ninth inning Hail Mary attempt by the Rockies fell harmlessly to the ground.

Royals rookie Eric Hosmser enjoyed his first 100 yard rushing game in the Majors while Mike Moustakas chipped in with 75 all-purpose yards.

It will be nice to get back to the American League where real baseball is played, not this silly ball nonsense.