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Remembering the Royals with Multi-hit All-Star Games

As discussed a few years back in these parts, the Royals have not had much of a history in the All-Star/All Star (both look incorrect) game. Offensively, Royals have had good games on a number of occasions, but there have been few great games. Then again, in the modern era, no one has a great All-Star game, because no one plays enough.

Here are the multi-hit games by Royals at the All-Star Game:

  • Bo Jackson (1989): Famously, Jackson homered to lead off the bottom of the first inning. Jackson added a single later in the game, a 5-3 AL victory.
  • George Brett (Three Times): Brett hit a single and double in a 7-3 AL loss, in 1978. In 1982, Brett went 2-2 in a 4-1 AL loss. The next year, Brett went 2-5 in a 13-3 AL victory.
  • Amos Otis (1973): Otis started in CF in this one, an eventual 7-1 AL loss. Otis went 2-2 with a stolen base to begin the game. And then he was lifted for Dave May, because... well, because.