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BREAKING: Royals Trade INF Mike Aviles to Red Sox, Receive Yamacio Navarro & Kendal Volz

You mean the Red Sox didn't want Chris Getz? He's obviously better, right? Right?

Insta-verdict as demanded by internet convention: Sad to see Aviles go, but this is a decent move for the Royals. Aviles had no future in KC (and hasn't for a number of years) and Navarro and Volz are an interesting, if typically low-watt package.

Beleaguered infielder Mike Aviles was traded to the Boston Red Sox this afternoon in a minor move. Aviles has had a strange season, enduring both a semi-benching and a demotion to the minor leagues. I'm happy that he'll get a fresh start on a very good team. Aviles has his flaws, make no mistake, but he's also shown an ability to hit well for long stretches while passably playing a handful of positions. He might be miscast as a player that a bad team relies on, but well-placed as a 24th or 25th man on a good team.

2011 - Mike Aviles 53 185 14 41 11 3 5 31 9 27 10 2 .222 .261 .395

The Royals receive in return two players from the Red Sox, infielder/utility man Yamacio Navarro and minor league reliever Kendal Volz. Yamacio (awesome name) will report directly to the Royals in Cleveland, ending some fervent hope that this move signaled a possible Giavotella callup. In six minor league seasons Navarro has a lifetime .280/.349/.432 line.

Kendal Volz is an intriguing young arm that was once a big bonus guy. He's a minor league reliever, so we must start from the idea of limited value, but I'm willing to believe that the Royals scouts saw something they like there. Sox Prospects, for what it's worth, rated him as the 50th best prospect in Boston's system. Needless to say, we'll have plenty of time to talk more about these players over the next few days.

To return to Aviles, this blogger must admit again that he's personally happy for him. Look for a "Remembering Mike Aviles" post once the dust settles on the 2011 deadline.