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Random Stats: Royal Hitters Getting Hit By Pitches

HBPs are something of a stealth stat that doesn't get tracked too much. It gets factored into OBP, sure, but that's about as far as it goes. And generally, that is ok, as they are rare events.

Nevertheless, here are the team leaders on reaching base by HBP.

  1. Jeff Francoeur - 5
  2. Alex Gordon - 4
  3. Matt Treanor - 3
  4. Alcides Escobar - 2
  5. Mike Aviles - 2
  6. Brayan Pena - 2
Wilson Betemit has 216 PAs this season without a plunking. Betemit is adept at avoiding getting hit, only being so nicked 3 times over his 1806 career PAs.

The Royals have 23 HBPs this season, 10th most in the American League. The White Sox lead the AL with 50 HBPs, thanks mostly to Carlos Quentin's 17 HBPs.