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Royals Win 5-3, Paulino Getz First Win as Royal

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Quick Hits

  1. Paulino pitched decent tonight. 9K, 2W, 3R in 6 IP.
  2. The 8 and 9 hitters, Treanor and Escobar, were clutch tonight. 3 for 7, 4 2-out RBI's and a a run scored.
  3. Both teams couldn't hit anything with runners in scoring position.  The teams were a combined 4 for 23.
  4. The main cause is the in ability for LHH to hit anything.  The umpire's strike zone was huge on the outside portion.  The Royal's LHH were 1 for 17.  The Sox's LHH were a combined 5 for 14.  I will look at this ump's zone a little more tomorrow.