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Royals Demote Danny Duffy to AAA Omaha, But For Nice Reasons

The word all over Twitter tonight was that the Royals have sent Danny Duffy to AAA Omaha. The move is not because the Royals are unhappy about Duffy's performance, but rather because they'd like to keep him on a regular schedule. 

Because of the upcoming All-Star break, Duffy would go up to 12 days without making a start. So rather than allowing that to happen, the Royals are (reportedly) planning on making a quick demotion-promotion. Duffy, a 22 year old rookie, is considered one of the top pitching prospects (broadly) in all of baseball. 

MLB rules are byzantine, and I could have sworn there are actually rules against this kind of thing. Or, at the very least, penalties to discourage teams from treating their own minor leaguers like the FA pool in a fantasy league. The Royals may have to burn an option and or forgo any service time benefit here, but it is apparently worth it. 

The other matter is whether or not Duffy wouldn't just be better off actually resting, but I'm happy to be agnostic on that matter. Pitchers are handled mechanistically these days, and rest is often feared as much as labor. The system perpetuates and further justifies itself, whether from results or strictly from a CYA perspective. Hey, we can't complain about Pitcher X being injured, we did everything according to the program.

So... Danny Duffy no more, or not. Go Storm Chase young man.