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Should the Royals Put a Waiver Claim on Wandy Rodriguez?

Future Royal?
Future Royal?

The Royals starting pitching has been horrible this season and they really need to make some decent changes to make any real improvements. With very few decent pitchers available as free agents this off season, I feel putting a waiver wire claim on Wandy Rodriguez of the Astros would be a good idea.

First off, it has been stated that the Astros will attempt to pass Rodriguez through waivers with the idea of trading him to the Yankees. The Royals could then claim him and try to work out a trade with the Astros or just take over his salary.

Currently his salary is the following (according to Cot's Contracts):




14:$13M club option ($2.5M buyout)

His production is down a bit this year, 1.3 WAR so far, but has average over 3 WAR in the previous 3 seasons. The 32 year old is ranked 31st in WAR from 2008 to 2011.  

I know that these values aren't earth shattering, but the Royals are going to land a #1 starter.  Wandy would "only" cost the Royals at the worst 25.5 million for the next 2 seasons (if buyout is enacted) and add some stability to the rotation. Also, he could be traded off, if the Royals are not in contention.