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Royals Blow Game In 9th, Lose 8-7

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Quick Hits:

  • Perez makes his major league debut with a big splash. He was 1 for 3 with an RBI. He also picked Fuld off of 3rd base
  • Paulino did not pitch well at all. 5 IP, 4 BB, 1K, 1 HR and only 1 Run. He only made it 84 pitches. I will take a look at the Pitch FX for any issue in the morning.
  • Cabrera with 1 HR, 2 SF and 5 of the RBIs.
  • Gia was 2 for 4 with a triple and 1 Run and RBI. Showed some of his defensive liabilities in the 9th.
  • The bottom of the 9th inning sucked.  Here is the unfortunate breakdown:
A Crow relieved G Holland.
M Joyce singled to right.
J Damon singled to right, M Joyce to second.
J Soria relieved A Crow.
E Longoria doubled to center, M Joyce scored, J Damon to third.
B Zobrist grounded out to second, J Damon scored, E Longoria to third.
C Kotchman reached on infield single to second, E Longoria scored.
E Johnson ran for C Kotchman.
B Upton struck out swinging.
S Fuld tripled to deep center, E Johnson scored, S Fuld scored on throwing error by second baseman J Giavotella.