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Kyle Davies Has Not Had a Good Week

Fired by the Royals and popped with a drunken & disorderly within 24 hours. Not a banner week for now former Royal Kyle Davies.

If the veritable Florida Arrests website is to be believed, Davies was arrested for "disorderly intoxication" at 3 AM on August 9. Utterly terrifying mugshot here. Scary. (I have been told that Fox 4 in KC may have been first with this story. Nick Wright also played a role in spreading the news on Twitter.)

He was officially released by the Royals the next day.

Two schools of thought on this one: 1) he found out he was going to be released and had himself a night 2) he had himself a night and earned his releasin'. I doubt we'll know the truth any time soon.

Prior to August 9th the most disorder Davies had ever caused had been when he pitched to an American League lineup. He mourned the demise of MGD with a few too many MGDs. Hey-oo.

It must be said, Kyle Davies is a) innocent until proven guilty and b) we've all made mistakes.