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Big Inning Isn't Enough As Royals Fall to White Sox

Postgame bullets:


  • Not sure how this game falls one way or the other with regard to our narrative about Hochevar now being good. Something of a meh night, at least from the boxscore (I was out at dinner): 6 IP, 8 Hs, 3 BB, 4 Ks. Eh.
  • Quite a bit of anger tonight at Aaron Crow, who has been slowly sliding down the performance scale for months now. Nothing drastic, but... shocker, he's not going to post a 1.00 ERA over a full season. He wouldn't be the first guy who had an awesome 30 innings as a reliever. 
  • Blake Wood walked two White Sox too (with an additional IBB), which is hard to do. Not a patient team. 
  • I like that Yost continues to lead off Gordon. That's sound, out of the box thinking, even though it is of course actually perfectly logical. The bottom of the order, really, makes NO sense. Whatever I guess.